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Boss Lady and #bizmum

Hey there lovely mummas!

I can’t wait to chat with you and discuss how I can help you and your business bloom. But first, I figure you want to know a little more about me.

I’m a proud mumma wolf to an almost 1 year old little terror Jean-Luc. Before I started this new journey into motherhood I was in the corporate IT space for nearly 9 years focusing on end user support and business analysis. Through my various roles and outside volunteer activities I have been involved in web design and development for over 15 years so I’ve seen my fair share of technology changes!

Websites aren’t the be all and end all of your web presence. Social media, email marketing and sales funnels are all important pieces of the puzzle. I’ve also spent time managing the social media outreach at an event promotion company to increase engagement and build a loyal following of fans. I’m still bringing myself up to speed with the latest technologies but I love to learn new systems and skills so if you’ve wondering if I can help with something I haven’t mentioned please ask. I love new challenges! When I’m not working, or chasing after JL I enjoy spending time with friends, playing board games and watching roller derby, although neither happen as often as I’d like. I also have an addiction to rewatching 90’s TV series and binging on cooking shows. My favourite way to relax is to spend time in the kitchen cooking up elaborate meals for my family and friends, I just wish I had someone to clean up after me so I didn’t have to!


Husband and baby wrangler

Matthew is my biggest fan and supporter. It is true to say that without him I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing now.

You know sometimes you meet a person and wonder how they’ve managed to do so much in their lives? That’s me with Matthew. His background is in Primary and Secondary school IT networking, application and web support. He’s also been a professional photographer, involved audio and video editing and done his own share of website design.

He’s now following his passion for working with his hands as a full time mechanic working for Mustang Motorsport.

All these jobs allow him to bring powerful troubleshooting skills to the fore, helping to bust problems open when they occasionally occur. Acting as a sounding board for site design, shoulder to vent on and secondary sleeping post for baby, this hands-on hubby keeps tabs on everything happening with the business and house.


Baby of the business

Jean-Luc, JL for short, is my greatest achievement and my biggest challenge by far. I started this business so that I could spend as much time as possible at home with him but still keep my head in the technical world and contribute financially to our household.

JL has kept us on our toes from the very beginning. A theoretically impossible conception, two third trimester bleeds and a six week premature delivery! After being warned during labor that he would likely need to be in hospital until his due date we (and the nursing staff) were stunned when he came home after only a week in the SCN.

He’s now a crazy 10month old cat chasing boobie monster. He loves dancing to music, falling asleep to Metallica’s Enter Sandman and snuggling up between Mummy and Daddy all night long. He also can’t get enough of Dad’s bolognese sauce.

He reminds me every day of the reason to keep pushing and excelling, as well as being the most adorable thing in the universe.

Cats of the business


Hagrid contributes the best cat cuddles you could ever find. I often finds him sitting next to my desk waiting to be invited up for a cuddle. If I’m not careful he’ll just invite himself up and suddenly I have a lap full of cat.


Lyra is the oldest and most opinionated of the fur kids. She contributes a general degree of shouting whenever anyone dares to breathe if she is sleeping.


Logan is a true gentle giant, once the smallest of the fur kids he’s had a late growth spurt to become a miniature black panther. Logan is responsible for keeping me company during overnight breastfeeding sessions.


The team here are currently mourning the loss of the fourth cat of the business, Tiberius. His contributions included sometimes hard powering off my computer which kept me on my toes with backups and saves. He was also fond of curling up for a nap on my laptop whilst I was working from bed during my pregnancy.

Feeling the loss of his fur-brother JL has taken over the reins of turning PCs off at inconvenient times.

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